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Why Metal Lube?
                    Metal Lube is the best anti-friction solution in the industry. It is a treatment for metal (not an additive for oil) that help to prolong the life of the engine by reducing friction and wear caused by internal moving parts.

We have a product for 
all types of engines.

How does it work?
It reduces 95% of the friction and as a result, the temperature of the oil and water decreases considerably, and noise and vibrations caused by friction are reduced. Less fuel and oil are consumed, emissions are reduced and, consequently, environmental pollution. Improves the operation of your engine and increases its power.

What results does Metal Lube offer?
First of all we must say that METAL LUBE does not repair mechanical failures.
The METAL LUBE antifriction treatment drastically reduces friction by 95%, both static and dynamic friction, so operating costs will be reduced.
Consequently, the wear will be eliminated in more than 80% in its variants (adhesive, abrasive, corrosive, fatigue), so maintenance costs will be reduced.
Reduces the excess temperature generated by friction, preserving the properties of the lubricating oil.
A lower temperature transmission to the water, coolant, etc., will avoid motor overpressures and in the cooling circuit.
METAL LUBE significantly increases the life of moving parts, and will extend normal life and allow a motor or machinery to work longer; avoiding wear, even if you lose the oil pressure or the oil itself.
It will avoid the most severe wear problems of camshafts, segmeno, piston and plain bearings (of connecting rod and crankshaft). The scratching produced by the pistons and the carbon created in the combustion chamber will be reduced.
METAL LUBE reduces emissions of hydrocarbons, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Protects and lengthens the life of the catalyst.
METAL LUBE will not be degraded by water, salt water, antifreeze, refrigerant, gasoline, diesel or any other contaminant. If used in accordance with the instructions and following the preventive maintenance program of the engine, machine or system manufacturer, METAL LUBE could extend the life of these systems making them virtually indestructible.

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